• August 18, 2022


To simplify what an LMS system is, I suggest that, before thinking about online training, imagine a face-to-face class. The first thing that you need is a school. It is in the classroom within the school that students will have contact with the content they want to learn. Online training follows the same logic. The…

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LMS Platforms

Types of LMS Platforms

The LMS platforms mainly have two types, corporate and educational. Each one has diverse structures, which are improved suited to the exact needs of each situation. Therefore, there are companies that specialize in platforms aimed at the educational LMS and others to serve organizations in the corporate scope. It is also probable to find platforms…

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learning management system

What Is Learning Management System?

Learning Management System or training management software is a relatively new thing. Hey, you probably didn’t even know they existed until now. But, regardless of how the name sounds, every current training operation will already have some sort of learning management system in place, yours included. Your current system may not have a Flash interface…

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Psychology And E-Learning, the Learning Guidelines

For training E-Learning, and  the Learning to become an established practice in the company, its contents must be based on solid foundations. More than a hundred years of psychological research has provided insiders with theories capable of providing essential guidelines. Three Learning Useful Theories Technology makes an important contribution to the continuous improvement of eLearning.…

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The Training Problems That Technology Can Solve

While advances in the technological field allow us to distribute any type of content wherever we want, on the other hand they have given rise to new challenges for the field of training. The article analyzes these problems and explores how technology itself can solve them. The Problems of the World of  Training Education Below…

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