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To simplify what an LMS system is, I suggest that, before thinking about online training, imagine a face-to-face class. The first thing that you need is a school. It is in the classroom within the school that students will have contact with the content they want to learn. Online training follows the same logic. The technology school version is the LMS, which is nothing more than a website where students will have contact with online courses and training. That makes it easier to understand, right?



LMS comes from the English Learning Management System , which means Learning Management System and is an online system where students can access courses for free or paid, depending on the course or institution.

In this way, this management platform allows you to control and monitor the progress of student learning. In addition, it automates services to facilitate student enrollment, control payment, take learning reports and issue certificates.

In a traditional school, for a student to obtain a certificate it is necessary for the teacher to communicate with the administration of the institution, as well as send the class diary, with attendance control and student grades. The same happens in the virtual environment. For your LMS to issue learning reports, it is necessary that the online course is in an intelligent media, and that it communicates with the platform. And this is where the SCORM standard comes in.

What is an LMS system for?

Decide what your intention with LMS is: employee training, customer training or selling online courses. Because, depending on the objective of your project, LMS can indicate partners with ideal platforms for your distance learning action. And to learn more about how to get started with LMS there is a free course available for you.

Distance learning (DE) is present in different contexts. Schools, universities and companies use their resources to promote learning and achieve their goals. The Learning Management System (LMS) platform is one of these tools, contributing to training within organizations. In today’s content, we will explain what LMS is and what its advantages are!

There are several models of training for employees. The choice will depend on the knowledge to be transmitted and the profile of the professionals, among other issues. In many of these situations, this system allows the optimization of processes, making them more accessible. Continue reading and find out more!

How does LMS work?

The term Learning Management System (LMS) is translated as Learning Management System (SGA). It is an online education platform or system, where courses, classes and other materials can be made available, in addition to several resources that we will comment on later.

This software can be customized according to your company’s needs. With it, professionals consume content from anywhere and at any time, as long as there is internet access.

Developed based on a pedagogical methodology, the tool serves to make the study more accessible and assist in the management of learning. It is also worth remembering that the platform can also be a complement to face-to-face teaching.


The LMS platform allows the centralization of different tasks in a single software. Thus, the training team can carry out the management with greater agility and ease, saving time.

What to look out for when linking the LMS stage?

The LMS system can be adopted by different companies. In order to choose the best system, it is necessary to pay attention to some aspects, such as being clear about your objectives, verifying that employees and the training team are in agreement, choosing a good supplier, among other factors.


To inform yourself about the experience of the provider company and seek the opinion of those who have already been a customer, for example. Always evaluate more than one alternative before committing. Remember: some of the essential features in this type of system include security, customization, and tools that meet your needs. Finally, make sure the vendor supports you during and after the implementation, so you adapt well.

Now you know what LMS system is and what it’s for! Be sure to research and stay informed about the changes and use of this system for the coming years.

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LMS system is the abbreviation for the Learning Management System or Learning Management System , in Brazil also known by some as AVA, Ambient Virtual de Aprendizagem .


Another prevalent term correspondent to the LMS system is distance learning platform or EAD platform. All these terms mean the same type of system.

Tests and research

Also very common among LMS system is the possibility of creating tests or surveys with various types of questions. Some examples:

Multiple choices

True or false

Relationship between columns

Open answer

Numerical answer

Specifying settings such as test completion time, question weight, test generation with random questions, are other possibilities that LMS system generally offer.

Features of an LMS

Here we will show you the most common features of an LMS, but it is not necessarily necessary for the platform to contain all these features to be considered an LMS. It is up to you to analyze which features are really important for your objective.


When choosing an LMS system, it is important to correctly specify the functionality your company needs through an RFI and RFP. By doing this, you avoid one of the main reasons that LMS projects go wrong.

Content management

The main functionality of an LMS system is the distribution of content to its users. Therefore, every LMS somehow has mechanisms for content insertion and management.

Some platforms have content creation capabilities as well. That means a tool that allows the user to create rich content, with images, videos, text, without needing more advanced knowledge.

The LMS system that also support the management of face-to- face courses have resources to perform the accounting of the user’s presence (frequency) and also manage all the programming and resources of the classes.

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